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Recent exhibitions have included: Gavin Turk: 'Me as Him', Riflemaker, London; Gavin Turk: The Negotiation of Purpose, GEM Museum for Contemporary Art, The Hague, The Netherlands; Gavin Turk: Last Year in Eggenburg (The Paradise Show), Schloss Eggenburg, Graz; The Golden Thread, Sculpture at Goodwood, West Sussex; Gavin Turk: et in arcadia eggo, New Art Centre Sculpture Park & Gallery, Salisbury; and Gavin Turk Oeuvre, Tate Britain Sculpture Court Display, London. OXIDISATION PAINTINGS 100 x 100 cms, oxidised copper-prepared canvas conservation-level museum acrylic box and framed support (2007) Exhibited Sothebys London The oxidisation paintings were instigated by a performance at Riflemaker on July 16th as part of Turk's 'Me as Him' exhibition, the 'him' in question being Andy Warhol.

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Thoughout this unravelling, perceived meaning and quality, the way in which a work is viewed and valued, will change.

The influence of those who come into contact with it and the effect they have on the work will determine how it appears, how we react to it and, eventually, what it actually is.

Gavin Turk will pay homage to Warhol paying homage to Jackson Pollock in this very special live oxidization evening.

Picasso was known to urinate on his 'found' sculptures at Vallauris, Pollock would urinate on paintings which were on their way to dealers he didn't like.

The four resulting canvases were then exhibited in a special exhibition at Sotheby's, Bond Street during Frieze Week.

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