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The Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien (KM–), which was reopened and newly positioned in the year 2013 following extensive renovation work, shows the contemporary art of present-day international currents in which outstanding Styrian artists are involved.

Künstlerhaus stands for a house of art and its media—a place where the exhibition, production, and discussion of art are brought up to date, serving as a platform for essential issues concerning artistic producers and also visitors who actively partake in related discourse.

At the Künstlerhaus, current positions in the visual arts and their mediatic forms are introduced through an experiment-orientated, open concept and potential of art.

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Erected in 1952, the Künstlerhaus—as a dignified institution with a new shine, pursuing a contemporary orientation—lives up to its traditional reputation as one of the loveliest exhibition venues in Austria with exceptional architecture, while simultaneously striving to create an optimum framework for presenting and exploring the art of today.

The Künstlerhaus as a newfound art institution is fully aware of its historicity and takes a programmatic approach that addresses questions of the topicality of art in a ever-changing, mediatised society.

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