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You should also be aware that I like writing and sharing more than most people would share in a dating profile.I did write a short summary of who I am (skip to the bottom paragraph of this profile), but in order to truly appreciate who you are dealing with, I'm afraid that a few short paragraphs will be quite inadequate.But here is a teaser from my most recent life events: When I left Denmark, I traveled to a place and then tried to live and form a social network around me.

When I became self aware enough to recognize that I was too much of a nerd, for my own liking, I started doing all manner of self exploration, which didn't change me being a nerd.

As your beautiful eyes will cross these lines To seek if i am worthy of your intelligent mind I can say only this to satisfy your need I hope to catch your eye for more than a heartbeat My name is Kenneth and I am best described as a socially capable nerd. I went from wanting to be a astrophysicist to becoming a social educator and child care specialist.

I like all things nerdy and geeky but have since developed a taste for socializing, (non religious) spirituality, self awareness and empathy.

In my early thirties I turned my focus towards world exploring while waiting for the right girl to enter my life.

Each period of my life is a story in it self, and I'll happily share them, if we start seeing each other.

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