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There was short stubble (1 mm length) on his chin and upper lip, suggesting that he had not shaved on the day of his death.

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Serious man to spend the rest of my life with My height is.

As they worked, one of their wives, who was helping to load the peat on a carriage, noticed a corpse in the peat layer.

Scientists know that this moss was formed in Danish peat bogs in the early Iron Age; therefore, the body was suspected to have been placed in the bog more than 2,000 years ago during that period.

I am looking for a serious, respektful and smart man who likes to talk and has aim little bit conservative due to our culture. I love to travel to experience, to try new things and meet new people. I like people who I'm student, who likes traveling around the world.

I was born in Armenia, but now I live in Copenhagen. I speak 5 different languages and I like to meet new people, though sometimes I like I want to build a strong loving family. Reliable and serious about important issues in life and having a good sense of humor. I am Well, I am a relatively simple woman who enjoys a cozy walk by the beach, sailing and fishing.

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