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He looked outside the window into a cold and windy day and his thoughts wandered for a while, until they ended up revolving, as usual, around Reutlingen.His Bayern Munich Under-17 team wouldn't be playing SSV Reutlingen on the coming weekend, but that didn't matter.

Volke was standing in the Düsseldorf airport compound, a two-hour drive north-west of Mainz, and staring at a cheap, ugly building made of corrugated steel.

Then the team had driven seven hours through a snow storm to get back home.

Klopp also wasn’t giving much thought to Borussia Dortmund.

For the time being, however, Klopp was more occupied with his team's game at Werder Bremen two days ago.

After the final whistle, he had run onto the pitch to wrap his arms around his goalkeeper, who had secured a scoreless draw and thus a valuable point for Mainz in the relegation fight.

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